Organisation Of The Firm

Organisation Of The Firm

MLO is among the largest and oldest law firms in Lebanon. The Firm operates as a general legal practice and provides legal advice and services in all areas of Lebanese law.

The Firm is equipped to meet all the legal needs of clients in a comprehensive and personalised fashion. Our goal is to fulfil our clients’ needs for legal services promptly, professionally, and at a reasonable cost.

Depending upon the nature and volume of the work involved, each client is either served by one lawyer or by a team of lawyers. We understand the everyday issues faced by our clients and their need to feel comfortable with their lawyer, and that is why we believe that good organisation and trust are the key elements for a successful working relationship. Our objective is to provide continuity in the handling of our clients’ affairs and a service tailored to their personal needs. Our lawyers are dedicated, flexible and always available to help. We ensure that lawyers with appropriate experience and seniority are assigned to clients’ cases.

Our legal work is conducted in three languages: Arabic, English and French.

We may find ourselves unable to act in a particular matter because we are already involved on behalf of another client or due to another situation that raises or could raise a conflict of interest. In such circumstances, the first step would be to reveal the potential conflict of interest and recommend another law firm, for we believe in loyalty and honesty towards our clients, and that conflict of interest is not to be taken lightly. We also believe that confidentiality is one of the essential values of our profession. Our duty of confidentiality is very strictly applied.

The Firm’s professional charges are calculated according to the nature of the services required, the time needed to provide such services, and the complexity of the legal issues involved. The Firm applies hourly billing rates, fixed fees, capped fees, annual retainers, or a combination, as agreed with the client. Bills are submitted monthly, quarterly, or at the conclusion of the particular matter, and include a clear description of the services charged. Disbursements are normally billed together with fees and are itemised in detail. Disbursement charges are billed at cost and do not involve any profit element. Our auditors scrutinize all statements of disbursements before our invoice is issued to the client.