History Of The Firm

MOGHAIZEL LAW OFFICE (MLO) was founded in 1953 by Joseph Moghaizel under the name Joseph Moghaizel Law Office. In that same year, Joseph Moghaizel was joined by his wife Laure Moghaizel, and for many years, the Firm practised as Joseph and Laure Moghaizel Law Office.

JOSEPH MOGHAIZEL was among the leading figures of the legal profession in Lebanon for nearly half a century. He was an eminent practitioner and a renowned legislator. He was Minister of Environment, Member of the Lebanese Parliament, President of the Internal Regulations and Human Rights Parliamentary Committee, Member of the Justice and Administration Parliamentary Committee, Member of the Lebanese High Court of Justice, President of the Lebanese Association for Human Rights, Vice-President of the Arab Organisation for Human Rights, and Member of the Board of the Beirut Bar Association. Joseph Moghaizel was the initiator of various enactments and amendments to laws. He authored numerous books, reports, and articles covering major areas of law including banking law, media laws, commercial law, intellectual property, labour law, and human rights.

LAURE MOGHAIZEL was one of the most prominent Lebanese and Arab women’s rights activists. She was renowned for her strong advocacy and constant promotion of equality and human dignity. Laure Moghaizel was Member of the Human Rights Committee at the United Nations, Vice-President of the International Council for Women, Vice-President of the Arab Federation for Women, Honorary President of the Lebanese Association for Human Rights, President of the Lebanese National Council for Women, Founding Member of the Lebanese Women Jurists Association, Founding Member of the National Committee for the Amendment of the Lebanese Criminal Code, Member of the Advisory Committee for Arab Women and Development (Regional Office of the United Nations Development Program), Member of the UNESCO National Commission, Representative of the International Council for Women at the Economic and Social Commission for Western Asia (ESCWA), and legal advisor to the Lebanese National Council for Women and to the International Council for Women. During the second half of the twentieth century, Laure Moghaizel instigated the majority of the changes in Lebanese law that were aimed at removing legal provisions which discriminated against women. She authored various books and articles in the areas of human rights, labour law and women’s rights under Lebanese law and other Arab legislations.

Throughout the sixties and the early seventies, Lebanon’s prosperous years, the Firm grew and developed steadily, covering a broad range of practice areas, including commercial law, company law, banking, insurance, employment, litigation, real estate and tax law.

In 1975, the raging Lebanese war prompted the Firm’s partners to diversify the geographic sphere of their practice, mainly by expanding to the Gulf Countries and France.

In 1985, the Firm’s name was changed to Moghaizel Law Office following the joining of new partners. In 1990, the Firm resumed its pre-war growth, subsequently making a great leap forward with regard to client base, members, office space, and facilities.

In 1999, Moghaizel Law Office became the exclusive member firm for Lebanon of Lex Mundi, the world’s leading network of independent law firms.

In 2013, the Firm became the exclusive member firm for Lebanon in Legalink, Lawyers Associated Worldwide and the Energy Law Group.